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  • Tomás Moreno Cebrián-Sagarriga

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    a little about me


    I am an entrepreneur and student based in Spain. I love films, photography and the business world. All together we can make a better and innovative future. I have been trying to improve my world since 2001.


    I consider myself a person who likes being active, doing a lot of activities apart from studying. I think sports are important in order to be shape, so I currently play paddle, squash and I love skiing as well.


    As a good Spaniard, I love soccer and I am a supporter of the Atletico de Madrid.


    I go to a Jesuits school, which is one of the highest demanding high school education in my area, I not only I receive academic upbringing, but also personal and religious formation.


    Thanks to the education I receive; I am concerned about values such as effort and quality on the work I do, trying to do the best I can and caring a lot on small nuances in order to succeed.


    Besides all these activities, Learning languages is essential for developing our life in a globalized world like ours. So that’s the reason why I have been learning English and French.


    On the other hand, I reckon that we need to have a more complete education as the industry is more demanding with multi-disciplinary teams and hybrid profiles That’s the reason why I have done lots of courses about E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Apps Development, Photoshop, 3D Design, …


    I am interested in entrepreneurship because can give me the opportunity to develop, organize and manage my own business or my own team in a near future. So far, I had made several projects in which I highlight Electroaccesory and iCook, a cooking social network which is finalist in the IDEA contest organised by IE University.


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