Hi, I am Tomas


Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by cars, planes, and objects in motion as well as the mechanisms that made them function. As a curious and creative teenager, I participated in the First Lego League, a Lego Robotic competition where we had to develop our own robot. I loved the experience. A few years later, at the age 14, I took my first steps as the trainee in a security product company, ¨The Nest Network. At Nestwork, I surrounded myself with engineers observing how they coded and proceeded with electric components to produce devices such as “eNest”. Later on, in order to learn more about management, I participated in Young Business Talents. In that program, I was involved in business simulations for the company Nivea. Furthermore, at school, thought-out the technology lessons I learned about Arduino, by studying coding, electrics, and mechanics, which allowed to build infrastructures like traffics lights or bridge systems.

I enjoy entrepreneurship very much. In addition, being a very curious person with a lot of initiative, I want to be part of improving our world through the developing of new projects.

On the experience background, during the last two summers, I have taken courses in ICAI, an engineering school in Madrid. I have also been involved in several projects related to engineering: “Electroaccerosi” a backpack that contains a lithium battery for charging devices and “iCook”, a cooking social network that enables users to exchange recipes and learn how to cook (project awarded by IE University in YESLab). 

As the industry demands an education more focused on multi-disciplinary profiles, I have done courses on E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Apps Development, Photoshop, 3D Design, I have also attended Georgetown University this summer to do a Business and Leadership Immersion where I learned about the stock market, marketing, finance, real state, effective communications, and leadership. This year I have done an entrepreneurship program in the MIT called Launch X with an acceptance rate of the 10%.

Besides coming from a family conscious of the globalized environment, learning languages was essential in my education. I started learning English very young as a child and I also took in French when I was 12 years old. Moreover, the course already mentioned in the USA, I have also taken on courses in the UK, at ¨Stonyhurst College¨, giving me a good vision of how good English education is.

At present, I am involved in the strategy of a Spanish clothing brand named ¨Independence¨. Through this involvement, I have been able to learn about the fashion industry, learning on marketing tools and technology apps such as Trello as well as on sales and suppliers tools.

On the other hand, I am also doing volunteering work in ¨Juegaterapia¨ an NGO that helps children with cancer. 

As I said before, I consider myself a person that likes to learn something every day, partaking in many activities besides studying at school. I love sports such as paddle tennis, football, squash, and skiing. I am passionate about photography, like cinema and love to attend cultural events. 

To conclude, I would like to be a businessman, as I would like to be “a history maker”. 



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" I’m a passionate entrepreneur and problem solver. Show me something that can’t be, I’ll show you why it can be.  "
Tomás Moreno