Tips for work from anywhere this 2019 (for startups)

Here are some tips for work from anywhere this 2019. First of all, you need to have some maxims in our daily work like sincerity, humility, ambition, and agility.

These are the 10 tricks that we use in our day to day to work from anywhere, be efficient and agile:

Everything is pointed. Either in our notebooks or in Trello. If it is not in Trello, it does not exist.

Google Calendar shared. You can point out the promotions you are going to make, schedule meetings and plan trips. Nothing can escape you with Google Calendar

Quick decisions by WhatsApp. Everything we talk about WhatsApp, even the most important. You can also use Audio messages to explain some tasks.

Meeting every 10-15 days. If we are in the same city you can have a face-to-face meeting in which you address all the issues. Other times you can meet by phone or Skype. Before the meeting, one needs to take a guide of what is wanted to be treated and in less than an hour, you can make all the decisions.

Daily routine.

Automate everything possible. The logistics process, the recovery of the abandoned cart, the offers and promotions, and so on.

Assume tasks instantly. In this case, a new page opens. The rest of the team is calm and starts working.

All members need to be in BC of the mail. You can put ourselves in the copy of almost all the emails so that we all have a context of everything.

Celebrate every success. Whether big or small you need to celebrate everything … It helps you to take strength and have something to drink.

These are some of my tricks.


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