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Torneo de Debate Esclavas Chamberí

On January 18th and 19th, I was able to participate in the debate tournament of the Esclavas Chamberí school in Madrid on behalf of the School Nuestra Señora del Remembrance.

We had to discuss whether the exchange of the Austrians for the Bourbons was positive. After several intense debates and supported by our arguments. Both in favour, as well as the economic, health and cultural where we argued that the Bourbons carried out the development of a series of reforms to reduce public debt of the Austrians, the development of the first Spanish health system or the development of Spanish culture with the creation of the royal academies and new national museums. On the other hand, we also knew how to defend the opposite posture where we used the arguments of loss of rights, where the Bourbons removed all the rights that brought the integrity of each individual in their kingdom; the economic where the Bourbons continued with the public debt of the Austrians; and the priority where it’ s where Spain ceased to be the focus of attention and becomes a satellite country of France with the Family Covenants.

There is no doubt about a very intense and very interesting weekend, where we finally met semi-finalists.


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