A year of Life

One year, more than 300 people involved, 4 collections, is part of what we have achieved in Independence Brand during this first year of life. Yesterday we celebrated our first anniversary in the Work Cafe of Banco Santander. Last year has been a year with many challenges, many improvements and above all, many learnings. We have learned to sell, to correct our mistakes, to face the adversities of the business world, the world of E-Commerce among others which has led us to promote the Independence Generation, a generation that refers to all those young people who they consider their selfs active people that want to do something more to change the world we live in.

Thank you very much to all the people who accompanied us yesterday on our first anniversary and especially to Banco Santander for having left us their space. I would also like to thank Javier Moreno Marin, Javier Pérez from Vargas Belmonte and Álvaro Egaña for this magnificent year we have spent together were with teamworking we have been able to face all the problems that have been presented to us.



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